Google adds anti-tampering DRM to Android apps in the Play Store

Google has started adding security DRM to Play Store apps in a bid to curb rogue Android apps.

'Snapdragon 1000' chip may be designed for PCs from the ground up

Qualcomm's next Snapdragon may be designed from the start for PCs, not phones.

Scientists are building a DNA database to fight illegal logging

Norway and the US Forest Service have teamed up to create a DNA database of bigleaf maple trees -- and this could be just the beginning.

World's tiniest 'computer' makes a grain of rice seem massive

Scientists have built a computing device so small that even a grain of rice seems enormous in comparison.

Mercedes pulls its plug-in hybrids to prepare for new models

Say goodbye to Mercedes' existing plug-in hybrid lineup -- it's all going away as the company gets ready for new EQ cars.

Security researcher bypasses iPhone's limit on passcode attempts

A security researcher has found a way to bypass an iPhone's security measures, even if it's running the latest version of iOS.

Tesla's Model 3 catches up on Autopilot and WiFi features

Tesla's Model 3 has received an update that puts its features more on par with its EV siblings.

Apple quietly kills Modern Buckle Watch band in the US

Apple's Modern Buckle Watch band is no longer available for purchase in the US store.

Spider-Man Hands-On at E3 2018

'Spider-Man' is my web-slinging dreams come true:

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Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more on the web.

Microsoft's Always-On Xbox Dream at E3 2018

Microsoft was right: This is the always-on generation

Electric GT's first race-spec Tesla Model S hits the track

The next electric car racing series just moved a step closer, now that Electric GT is showing off its race-ready P100DL.

Snapdragon-based Chromebook could rival always-connected PCs

A Snapdragon 845-powered Chromebook appears in the works, and it'd likely challenge the new crop of always-on Windows laptops.

IBM's latest AI project is ready to argue | Engadget Today

IBM’s Project Debater is an AI that's ready to argue

'Pokémon Go' is finally letting you trade monsters | Engadget Today

After two years, 'Pokémon Go' is finally letting you trade monsters

Valve's Knuckles EV2 controller will let you squeeze things in VR

Valve's revised Knuckles EV2 controller will let you squeeze things in VR through new pressure sensors and revamped inputs.

Automated Overclocking with Liquid Nitrogen at Computex 2018

Automated Overclocking with Liquid Nitrogen

A World Cup match was the 'most-watched' Spanish livestream ever

Yesterday's World Cup match between Argentina and Croatia was the 'most-watched' Spanish livestream ever.

Facebook accidentally sent developer reports to app testers

Facebook confirmed that developer reports were being sent to 3 percent of app testers.

A week of speedrunning for charity starts Sunday

Summer Games Done Quick starts today!

Apple will repair 'sticky' MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards

Certain models are eligible for repairs, free of charge.

Reddit is testing a news tab in its iOS app

Reddit's latest feature lets you choose the topics you see news on, such as tech, sports and politics.

California bill could be a major boost to personal data privacy

It would give state residents more control over their online data.

Amazon brings its kid-friendly FreeTime Unlimited app to iOS

FreeTime Unlimited on iOS gives your kids access to appropriate books, TV shows and movies for a monthly fee.

Tesla closes solar installation centers as part of layoffs

Tesla's job cuts will involve shuttering a dozen solar installation centers as the company refocuses on cars.

Tesla built Model 3 assembly 'tents' to meet production goals

Tesla has been in such a rush to step up Model 3 production that it built a slew of giant tents, and they might become permanent fixtures.

First episode of ‘Life is Strange 2’ debuts September 27th

The first episode of ‘Life is Strange 2’ debuts September 27th, with preorders coming with next week's release of the free sister game 'Captain Spirit.'

Microsoft’s ICE involvement illustrates tech’s denial problem

With great technology comes great responsibility

Adobe is using AI to catch Photoshopped images

Photoshop creator Adobe is trying to spot fake photos using artificial intelligence.

Play ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ on the Switch September 28th

Play ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ on the Switch September 28th, and those who preorder can download a bonus SNES-era DBZ fighting game.

'Arena of Valor' beta registration for Nintendo Switch is live

The test lasts a full two weeks and for your participation you'll unlock an exclusive character skin.

Facebook will soon let you know how much time you spend 'socializing'

Facebook is developing a tool that will let you know how much time you spend 'socializing' on the platform per week.

Tinder tests a 'Picks' feature to save you from endless swiping

Tinder is testing a new feature for Gold members.

'Semblance' is proof of Nintendo's new indie hustle

This is the story of the first South African game to ever land on a Nintendo console.

Netflix crime thriller ‘Ozark’ returns August 31st

Life gets darker for the Byrdes in season two.

'Babylon 5' has aged better than some '90s TV shows, but it could have looked so much better.

Bethesda lawsuit claims ‘Westworld’ game is ‘Fallout Shelter’ rip-off

It's suing Warner Bros. and Behavior Interactive for damages.

The best alarm clock

The best alarm clock, for folks who'd rather not rely on their smartphone.

The undersea electric railway built and abandoned within six years

The story of the short-lived electric train on stilts known as "Daddy Long Legs."

Two-tone smartphones are the new rose gold

Two-tone and translucent smartphones are making their mark in 2018.

Sinemia adds family plans in its latest bid to battle MoviePass

Packages for families of three start at $15 per month

Uber driver was streaming Hulu just before fatal self-driving crash

There's been a new development in the Uber fatal self-driving crash case.

US Army asks startups to deliver next-generation weapons

The US Army has launched a competition for next-gen military tech developed by small businesses.

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy to launch military satellites by 2020

SpaceX has landed a $130 million military contract from the US Air Force.

Google Assistant no longer needs every 'hey' and 'OK'

You don't have to say 'hey Google' quite so often now that Google Assistant's Continued Conversation is available on Home speakers.

Snapchat Spectacles' exported clips now come in different formats

Snapchat's Spectacles can now export photos and videos in square and widescreen formats.

'Fortnite' could partially lose the one thing that makes it unique

Building looks set to be hit hardest.

Reality Winner will plead guilty for leaking NSA election hacking info

Facing ten years in prison for allegedly leaking top-secret documents, Reality Winner will plead guilty.