Device provides years of power through temperature swings

You wouldn't need a battery to run gadgets around the clock

A new form of light could power next-gen quantum computers

Photons can hang out together and that might help quantum computers

Jurassic World dino-bots First Look

Mattel's 'Jurassic World' dino-bots are surprisingly realistic:

The Best Chromebook

Our friends over at Wirecutter have the answer!

Control Volkswagen's latest concept car with your voice

It's called the I.D. Vizzion, and it has no steering wheel or visible controls

Website follows journey of Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster through space

Want to know where Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster is going in the Solar System? A website can help

Elon Musk gets Hyperloop digging permit in Washington, DC

The Boring Company can get started digging (for real this time) in Washington, DC

India inches ahead in the race to build a Hyperloop

Could India be the home of the first working Hyperloop?

Air Force security hackathon leads to record payout

The US Air Force has wrapped up a hacking challenge that led to the feds' biggest security bounty payout to date.

Throat sensor helps you recover from a stroke

Scientists have built a throat sensor that can track your recovery from a stroke.

Wikipedia ends no-cost mobile access for developing countries

Wikipedia is shutting down its free mobile access after interest fell off a cliff.

SpaceX delays its satellite internet launch to February 21st

SpaceX has delayed its vaunted satellite internet launch to make sure new rocket tech works as promised.

Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer

This is Steadicam's Volt cinematic smartphone stabilizer

Daimler may have used software to cheat on US emissions tests

According to German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, Daimler equipped its vehicles with software designed to trick US emissions tests.

Tesla's latest smart power grid experiment begins in Canada

Tesla is continuing its smart power grid experiments with a pilot project in Canada that melds batteries and wind power.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour First Look

'Assassin's Creed Origins' virtual tours can actually teach history:

'Black Panther' proves why Afrofuturism matters

It's unlike any blockbuster film you've seen before

Water purification could be the key to more electric cars

Electric cars need lithium batteries, and they may soon get them from an unexpected source: clean ocean drinking water.

These Jurassic World dino-bots almost look like they're alive.

Netflix deal provides a much-needed boost in the Middle East

Netflix has forged a deal that could help its struggling Middle East service.

The best portable SSD

Start your search with Samsung.

After Math: Market fluctuations

After Math: Market fluctuations

Google removes ‘View Image’ button from image search

The removal was part of Google's settlement with Getty Images

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a 'Black Mirror' dating app

If you're relying on a 'Black Mirror' dating app, your relationship is probably doomed

Essential’s Amazon-exclusive phone comes with Alexa onboard

And the best part? It's cheaper than those new, limited edition models

LG's next flagship phone may tout an extra-bright, low-power screen

LG's next truly new flagship phone, nicknamed Judy, may pack a breakthrough screen that offers high brightness without the power hit

Apple employees keep walking into their new HQ’s glass walls

Apple product users aren't the only ones suffering through design flaws

Electronic skin can display a heartbeat on your hand

Researchers have made an electronic skin that can show your live heartbeat on your hand.

Website follows journey of Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster through space

Want to know where Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster is going in the Solar System? A website can help.

PowerUp releases its phone-controlled paper airplane

PowerUp's smartphone-controlled paper airplane reaches your hands in February.

Ancient city's LiDAR scans reveal as many buildings as Manhattan

Thanks to LiDAR, researchers have determined how enormous an ancient Mexican city was without having to dig it up first.

Hot Wheels Augmoto first look

Hot Wheels' new AR track turns toy racing into a warzone:

Facebook will send postcards to verify US election ad buyers

Facebook has an old-school solution to fight ad manipulation during US elections: it's mailing postcards to ad buyers.

Joel McHale's weekly Netflix show premieres this weekend

Joel McHale's weekly commentary show premieres on Netflix February 18th, and it's offering a new peek a what to expect.

Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 845 is a graphics powerhouse | Engadget Today

Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 845 is a graphics powerhouse

Google app beta adds built-in screenshot-editing tools

You can now edit screenshots straight from the Google app if you test its latest beta version for Android.

Twitter’s fake news problem is getting worse

From internet hoaxes to creating chaos and confusion.

Which true wireless earbuds are worth buying?

We've consulted reviews from top critics and come up with a list of the six best wireless earbuds you can buy right now

Labor board says Google legally fired diversity memo writer

The National Labor Relations Board has published a memo determining that Google was in the clear when it fired James Damore over his memo on women employees.

Graphene film makes dirty water drinkable in a single step

The process even made water from Sydney Harbor safe to drink

Rocket League Rivals brings absurd car-based soccer to the real world

Hot Wheels' new Rocket League Rivals playset may not have the full depth of a typical 'Rocket League' match, but it's certainly captured the game's soul.

Schwarzenegger joins the sequel for internet cult classic 'Kung Fury'

Arnold Schwarzenegger joins full-length 'Kung Fury' sequel

Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on DJI's Mavic Air

Right now, this is the camera drone you probably want.

Smart Fortwo EV Cabrio is the tiny car for the big city

Tiny top-down electric fun in the sun

littleBits launches more accessible $40 'Hall of Fame' kits

littleBits has launched affordable $40 "Hall of Fame" kits at Toy Fair 2018.

Apple HomePod Review

Apple HomePod review: A great speaker that’s not so smart

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Say goodbye to 'view image.'

Elon Musk promises Model 3 safety changes after crash report

A Model 3 prevented serious injuries in a crash, but the center display needs a few tweaks

Apple employees keep walking into their new HQ’s glass walls

Apple product users aren't the only ones suffering through design flaws